Brunch Date With Miia



Come join me for a delicious brunch, engaging conversation and invaluable advice, tips and ideas. I am always keen to continue the conversation about the topics my clients love.

Miia Koponen Coaching is launching a new way to learn from its founder, Miia, about her progressive approach to dating, relationships and intimacy. She is inviting a small number of people to join her for monthly brunch to discuss topics you’ve always wanted to know more about and wanting to add your point of view in the mix.

What previous guests have said:

"A beautiful way to meet like-minded people and have insightful conversations about topics that are most important. Miia is a great facilitator and asked the right questions at the right time to help people open up more and be authentic"

"I had an amazing morning with the Brunch date with Miia. Met some great people and had some insightful conversations with the group"

"the event brought about meaning and actionable discussion and helped reconfigure my own perceptions as well as challenge others"

"I had a lovely time at the Brunch Workshop. Met some nice people and it was very interesting to hear other people's views and challenges. Great choice of venue too! Loved the food."


If you’re interested in being part of the next brunch workshop please get in touch: 07970 980442  |

I also take part in panel talks or get asked to do talks at different events, here's my schedule for the next coming months :


18th April @ Angelspace

What: Panel talk

Topic: Opening Up About Relationships

Organised by the Orgasmic Meditation Community London

16th May @ Old Street Records

Theme: Love and Food

What: Dating event

Topic of my talk: Importance of Love, Sex and Intimacy

30th May @ London

What: After Dark events - panel talk and networking for curiously-minded Londoners

Topic: Curious Encounters

3rd July @ 18 Store Street, London

What: Panel Talk

Topic: Love and films - how is love & relationships represented in  mainstream films

12th September @ 18 Store Street, London

What: Panel Talk

Topic: Extreme Dating - Learn more about edgier and new ways to date