Take on the new rules to make dating
finally work – and attract the right person for you

Are you fed up with online dating?

Do you worry that you’re doing something wrong?

Do you feel that you’re running out of time?

OK. I can help you – read on...

Dating has never been more difficult. Despite there being more advice and more experts than ever before, much of it is conflicting and some of it is simply out of date. You could end up confused and disappointed. You could think it was your fault and you might give up completely.


I know exactly how that feels because I spent nearly 10 years getting it wrong until I figured out what to do differently. I’ve also seen hundreds of people struggle with dating over the 12 years I’ve worked as a Professional Matchmaker. I now work with people who are keen to get it right and stop wasting time making the same mistakes over and over.


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