About me

I have always been fascinated about human interaction and in particular - close & intimate relationships people have. I worked in high end matchmaking in London for over 12 years, during which I learned a lot about how majority of us are conditioned to relate to dating and relationships. I now run my own Coaching business. I am dedicated to the cause of helping people achieve healthier, more positive and true to themselves relationship results.

I am particularly interested in opening up conversations about how we can relate to dating, relationships and sex in a new, more open and equal manner, so that we can realise our individual potential in relationships, instead of trying to fit under the same label as everyone else, often losing our identity in the process.

I thrive on having an ongoing dialogue about topics related to dating, intimacy, sex, self-love and relationships. I work with my clients on one to one coaching capacity and I also run regular Brunch Date Workshops for curiously-minded people who want to develop their understanding about themselves, relationships and sex.

** I am in the process of developing new Workshops so watch this space! **

My Story:

In 2014 my friend was getting married in Barcelona and me and my then boyfriend had been invited. Few weeks before the wedding our relationship had come to the point of (almost) no return. I was devastated, yes about the end of the relationship but more so, about the prospect of having to go to a wedding as a single woman - this was, back then, more terrifying to me than the actual end of the relationship.

So, in my fears and insecurities, I managed to get us back together and off we went to enjoy the wedding. I was very entangled in the notion that if I was in a relationship, I was somehow better off, more accepted and happier, at least in terms of how others saw me.


After this relationship ended  (shortly after the Barcelona trip)  I was confused, sad and felt like a failure. Another relationship that came to an end. What was wrong with me? 


Turns out, nothing was wrong with me but the way I was approaching relationships and the idea of them.


That's when I started my journey of understanding more about:

  1. What kind of relationship I had with myself and how I was able to improve it. 

  2. What kind of relationships I had with others - romantic, friendly, intimate -  and how I was able to improve them.


That journey has taken me to many interesting places and allowed me to meet many beautiful people. I have opened up to different kinds of possibilities instead of trying to always have the same outcome. 

It has also meant letting go of some old relationships/friendships  that were no longer supporting or inspiring. 


Amazing things can open up when you learn to let go of what “should” happen.


The idea that relationships should fit in one square shaped box, that in order for a relationship to be good, accepted or indeed happy it needed to look a certain way. In particular the notion that relationships need to mean “forever” or  the notion of “the one” or “attachment = love”. 


For me letting go of those notions has meant more freedom, lightness and peace in myself and my relationships. 


That love actually isn't about ownership or attachment but about freedom and letting go.


That realisation has created a whole new kind of future for me and my relationships.


This journey took me on this path of coaching and I am very honoured to be able to help others who experience challenges, struggles and anxieties in their love, dating and relationship lives.


My 12 years of experience in matchmaking has given me invaluable insight into people, relationships and how we have been conditioned to approach love.


In 2016 I trained as a dating & relationship coach, in 2017 decided to start life coaching training and have since also trained in mindfulness coaching and have done studies in counselling.


I am an avid student of human mind, relationships, love and sexuality and I am continuously learning more about these areas through different mediums as well as through my own personal experiences.

I am also very committed to constantly evolving and developing myself as a Coach and as a Human being.


My Coaching style is open, inquisitive, empathetic and supportive. I put emphasis on creating the right mindset for positive change and encourage my clients for independent thinking, understanding where their beliefs come from and general curiosity about their own life and choices they make.

I use GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Way forward) model as a base for my sessions although I allow sessions flow freely rather than always strictly sticking to a formula.

If you are curious to find out more and begin your journey towards healthier and more conscious dating and relationship experiences contact me below for a free, non-committal initial call.