Dating Isolation Relief 

reboot your dating habits 


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Wow, what unsettling yet interesting times we live.. Isolation has become the temporary norm for all of us, for some voluntarily and for others, reluctantly so.


I know a lot of you are used to going on dates and seeing people all the time, are now thinking "What am I supposed to do now, on my own...?” It can be very challenging not  to be around people, connect with new dates, get intimate, receive attention… yes, I totally get it.


So, as a little relief, I am offering you a mini course helping you get through this challenging time of no dates.


See, often what happens when we take a break from a familiar routine and/or pattern, we start seeing things more clearly and realising what this routine really brings into our lives and if it actually offers any value. Dating can easily become a routine that you practise without any real intention or awareness. You end up going on endless dates and nothing ever changes, people are the same and the feeling is the same. 


So what if you could change that?


Now, with all this spare time on your hand, you have an amazing opportunity to do exactly that.


I have created this mini course for you to restart your dating, after this period of self-isolation, with a fresh mind and clear heart.


You will get:


Relief for this sudden dating isolation anxiety

Clarity about your dating intention

Clarity about your relationship desires

Clarity about who you want to meet

Plus - how to make most of current situation, the benefits of virtual dating!


Jam-packed mini-programme to help you soothe the isolation-anxiety!


30minutes, once a week, for 4 weeks + FREE Discovery session


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