Miia Koponen LOVE Method


I have created the LOVE method as a result of many years of research, learning and understanding in how we can create healthy and positive relationships not only with others but most importantly with ourselves.


I am so happy I can now help more people with LOVE.

L  LEARNING how you've got to where you are , what kind of beliefs you have had about love and relationships, especially based on your gender. What kind of relationship have you had with yourself.

O OBSERVING and deconstructing those beliefs and identifying what beliefs are actually true and what you've been conditioned to believe.

V VALUES/VALUING from learning and observing what kind of values have developed? Or how have values that you already have evolved?

E EVOLVING - ongoing coaching, planning ahead and reaching your goals.

The sessions at EVOLVING stage include topics that You choose. We move towards the goals you want to move to based on the learning and observations you have made during the first 3 steps of the process.

This is the part where you will start seeing concrete changes on your journey towards

conscious dating and better relationships.