One to One Coaching

I work with my clients on one to one basis over the phone or Zoom.*


All coaching sessions are handled with confidentiality, professionalism and compassion


You can book one-off sessions - these are best suited for you if you have already worked with me (or another professional) and would like some additional boost to your existing practise of self development and personal evolution. This is also a great way to try it out if you are not ready to commit for more than one session.


The other option is to book my LOVE method - this is the process I have the most success with my clients, it includes a minimum of 4 sessions with me although for best results I recommend at least 6. This is best suited for you if you are starting out on your journey towards better relationships and are emotionally and mentally ready to start making positive changes: from unhealthy dating & relationship patterns into conscious and positive relationships.


Working with me will help you if you can relate to one or more of the following:


You feel stuck

You are going through a big transformation such as end of a relationship / marriage 


You are aware that something needs to change but you don´t know where to start

You are anxious about what others think of you for not having a partner

You seem to always attract the 'wrong types'

You feel like you desperately want to meet 'the one'

You feel like you are running out of time

You want to learn what kind of relationship is right for you

You want to learn how to connect with your desires

You want to learn how to openly express your desires

* Please ask about in-person sessions, this depends on where You are