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Dating Success in the midst of Pandemic

Yesterday I had one of the most successful and brilliant sessions with a client who initially came to me in great distress a couple of months ago.

They came to me with a huge amount of emotional pain and discomfort specifically about being alone and feeling lonely, in the midst of this pandemic. They were anxious about not having a partner or anyone (it seemed) to spend time with. They seemed very low and unwilling to look at their life from any positivity whatsoever. At first I wasn't even sure if I could have been the best person to help them and I communicated this to them. However, they wanted to start working on self beliefs followed by dating strategies.

Up until yesterday the sessions had been about their mindset and how they can learn to look at their situation from a more helpful perspective, there had been some difficult moments but slow progress definitely had been happening. They had also taken first steps towards new ways to date.

Yesterday was our fifth session, they were like a different person - they were thankful, grateful and hopeful about their life. They had managed to overcome some pretty awful recent experiences and had found a way to navigate through those difficulties.

Now they were ready to start taking on more practical dating steps.

We spent the whole session going through their dating app and people they had been communicating with and more specifically, the ones they hadn't been!

We went through all the matches and eliminated those that weren´t serving any purpose there.

We had a look at their profile, photos and what kind of adjustments were required.

We had some great fun whilst finding some new strategies, insights and actions for them to start implementing.

They were very grateful for the progress they had made and me having helped them in that - this is wonderful and amazing for me to see, when a client makes such great progress and starts believing in themselves and their ability to make a change.

We have our next session in the calendar and I may also be introducing her to one of my other clients… matchmaking on the side!

I believe that although I am definitely someone who helps them on their journey, it is always the client who does the hard work, when they are willing to do so.

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