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The Value of Dating Coaching if you're looking to meet the Right One

When I was 30, I wish I had a Dating and Relationships coach to guide me through what turned out to be a very challenging journey, from a volatile relationship into being single again. It could have saved me from a couple of years of very confused and unhappy searching for ‘The One’ who I hoped would ‘save me’.

An intelligent coach, could have helped me to understand my needs and wants better as opposed to me believing that a new partner/relationship could do it for me. But back then I didn’t realise I had a choice, a choice to make, of my own desires, not through others’.

What Dating Coaching does:

  • Help to navigate through the challenges of dating, and relationships in a way that you couldn’t do by yourself - you get from A to B much quicker with a good Coach than if you did it on your own

  • A forward-looking, inspiring process where you face obstacles and find a way to get over them

  • Recognition of what’s been stopping you on your way to achieving a healthy relationship your results (let me tell you in a secret - it’s often not someone or something else, it’s you!)

  • Identifies unhealthy patterns and help you change them into positive ones

  • Helps you understand the right kind of people for you

  • Takes you outside of your comfort zone by offering new perspective & options on your dating process

  • You get a team, tools and support all in one with your Dating Coach

What Dating Coaching isn’t:

  • Therapy - sure there is an element of understanding your background, history and how you got to where you are now but it’s not about staying in those past issues but instead it’s about looking ahead and planning steps for your future (of course, if you think therapy is a better option for you right now and you feel like you need to deal with past issue, do consider seeing a therapist, absolutely!)

  • Dating Coaching doesn’t give you ‘rules’. An intelligent Dating Coach will ask you questions, guide and advise you but they won’t give you rules or tell you what to do - because we are all different and the same rules do not apply for all.

  • Dating Coaching doesn’t guarantee a relationship for you… Let me clarify this - of course Dating Coaching can help you achieve much better and positive results and ultimately a healthy and happy relationship. But only, only if you also put the work in together with your coach.

An example: One of my clients who I worked with for 3 months (with weekly sessions) was really struggling to go on any dates because she didn’t find anyone attractive or interesting enough. Let me tell you something interesting on this note - often when clients tell me this, something else appears - their own limiting beliefs and how they don’t actually think they’re good enough and therefore putting barriers to meeting anyone else. So we worked on her limiting beliefs (An ‘I’m not good enough’ complex is something a lot of us struggle or have struggled with.)

Coaching can really unlock these beliefs and change them into positives. She learned to look at herself and dating from a much more open and healthy perspective. She is now exploring a relationship with someone as a result of being more open to new opportunities in her life, and us together having identified and unlocked those unhealthy beliefs about herself.

Are you are currently dating and can you identify with one or more of the following?

  • Frustration about lack of ‘good options’

  • Have a long list of ‘requirements’ in a partner

  • No-one seems to be good enough to meet for a second date

  • You think ‘all the good men/women are taken’ and ‘I might as well give up’

  • You’ve come through from a relationship break-up and are confused what to do next

  • You think your age is a barrier to meeting suitable people

  • You think you’ve failed because you’re not in a relationship whilst your friends are

  • You are always attracting the ‘wrong types’

If you are, Dating Coaching can absolutely help you get much better, healthier and longer-lasting results in your dating and relationships life.

Happy dating!

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