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Why having a morning routine can have a very positive effect in your life

Updated: May 4, 2020

Ok, I will keep this brief and I promise you that waking up at 5am is not on agenda….!

I have found that having a morning routine really helps me with the following:





So, if you are someone who is struggling to get things done or make a decision about a date or relationship during #isolation and #lockdown, having a morning routine could help.

Mine is:

  • Waking up between 07 - 08:00 (I have never been a particularly late sleeper, even when I was younger so this comes to me pretty easily)

  • First thing I do is make coffee, and I mean proper coffee, not instant!

  • Then I sit down for 10-15minutes in silence whilst drinking the coffee, this has become my `morning coffee meditation`I also drink water to hydrate my body

  • Next is 1 hour yoga - I have practised yoga for about 20 years so for me it´s like second nature and this #quarantine situation has created even more time for the practise #vinyasaflow

  • After yoga I take a shower - I try to add at least 30-60 seconds ice-cold shower, this is really something that helps with immune system and energy levels, it might sting at first but it feels freakin good afterwards

  • Then a smoothie - whatever I have in my fridge and often it is banana mixed with some frozen fruit, ginger and almond milk.

Then I am ready to start my day, work, connect with clients and create some love!

That is my morning routine, what is yours?

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