Working with me

Hi, I’m Miia and I’m here to help you find


Your unique definition of relationships

Your unique way to love

Your unique way to live

What can you expect from working with me?


A few key words to describe the essence of my approach:


Insight from experience

With my experience in high end Matchmaking combined with coaching training and most invaluable training: my own life experiences in love, relationships and dating, I have decades worth of experience and expertise in understanding people’s true desires as well as what we are driven by.




Challenging your own personal status quo will be part of the journey whilst working with me.

The key here is to learn to be open to your own unique desires and let go of other people’s expectations of you.


Sex & Intimacy


Sex and intimacy are wonderful areas of our lives but sadly often clouded with shame, judgement, expectations and control. It’s my aim to open up conversations around these topics ensuring you can experience fulfilled, open, real and true to your desires kind of intimacy & sex with your lovers / partners. 



Honest & Holistic

Expect a transparent, honest and open approach where I will help you identify the best solutions uniquely for you. I will look at your life as a whole instead of only concentrating on one area individually.



All my clients get a very personal, one to one service, handled with confidentiality, discretion and compassion.

Working with me will help you if you can relate to one or more of the below issues:

You feel stuck 

You are going through a big transformation such as end of a relationship / marriage 

You are fed up with being alone

You want to learn what kind of relationship is right for you

You want to learn beyond the traditional approach of dating, relationships and sex

You are anxious about what others think of you for not having a partner

You seem to always attract the 'wrong types'

You feel like you desperately want to meet 'the one'

You feel like giving up on dating

You feel like you're running out of time

You want to understand more about sexual connection

You want to learn how to openly express your desires


We will work together in a manner that leaves you feeling inspired, confident and grounded.

You will start attracting people in your life who you truly connect with.

Most importantly, you will learn how to have a better relationship with yourself.

Following this, you will be able to choose healthy and positive relationships with others instead of unhealthy and superficial ones.

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Do you have a question? Let's see where the dialogue takes us.



I found Miia to be immensely insightful and an extremely professional dating coach.  She used incisive questioning to cut through my self-doubt and the preconceived ideas which had been limiting me in many ways. By encouraging goals which pushed my comfort zone between sessions , Miia ensured I stayed accountable and celebrated with me when I took small steps which led to big and exciting opportunities in areas of my life which extended beyond dating.


Miia’s skilled coaching meant I was able to shift my attitude and recognise the value of developing a wider social circle and meeting the sort of people I might potentially like to date rather than limiting my options by only connecting with individuals.  This was a revelation and has changed the way I look at dating and life in general.

Miia is an excellent and inspiring dating coach.




When I first started working with Miia I was pretty adamant that I wanted a certain type of woman and there was no swaying me on that! With her firm yet friendly approach and some encouraging I learned to get a bit more open about a ‘type’ and here I am now, 5 months in with an amazing lady I met through Miia, Thanks!  



I found Miia’s coaching incredibly helpful with enabling me to take the next steps with dating. The key aspect for me was spending time figuring out what type of relationship I want and with whom. Working with Miia gave me the confidence to move forward and begin to have a different and much more positive approach to dating. Miia’s style of coaching is superb, I felt at ease, listened to, all in an open and trustful space. We did a session on my limiting beliefs with truly helped me get to the bottom of some unhelpful chattering in my mind that has definitely got in the way of me beginning to date again.  

I love the coaching concept that Miia is pursuing and I cannot wait to see where this leads to as I feel there is a huge need for coaches like Miia. 



It's been a pleasure to work with Miia. I had contacted her in order to work on “how to create a good relationship”. I had 6 sessions with her and have found her to be inspirational, practical and always working for my best intrest. She is good at making you think deeper about what you really want in the various area of your life. The best part for me it was her skills of asking open questions, digging deeply into the issue. Her listening skills are excellent and  it allowed me to create a good rapport and helped me open up.After each session the action plan we created helped me stay focused and on the track and perform all the tasks. 
Thanks Miia for the time and effort you put into our sessions. 



I really enjoyed my sessions with Miia and found her to be extremely effective in supporting me with the subjects we discussed. Always highly professional she listened very well, able to respond to the subject close to my heart helping me to find solutions and strategies, and offering advice when asked. I really liked her nature – so easy to talk to and immensely reassuring about things that were worrying me. I just felt she ‘got it’ and has given me tools in which to move forward. I could not recommend her more highly! 



I have been very impressed by Miia  for the following reasons. Miia exudes warmth and sensitivity. She has empathy and good listening skills which makes her a very good coach. She can help her client to refocus by asking some appropriate questions. Above all she builds trust and rapport. I wish her every success.  



I went to see Miia thinking I need to meet someone soon or I’ll just stop dating altogether! I was really disheartened by the lack of decent men out there. When I started working with Miia I soon realised it wasn’t so much about ‘no decent men out there’ but that that was my mindset..! I’ve worked with her for 3 months now and now attracting really interesting men in my life and am exploring things with couple of them… Thank you for showing me a better way to relate to dating Miia.



Reach out to me to set up a time to speak and find out how I can help you:

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* My service is open for all sexualities *

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