How do my clients' lives change?

Read some of the feedback I've received from my clients, and let me know if you'd like to have similar results with your life, love & dating.



"Before my sessions with Miia I did not really believe that it was possible for me to meet anyone. Aged only 41, I had given up hope and could not find the motivation to look for a partner. Through our sessions together I came to the realisation that there were many potential partners out there for me, I just had to know what I was looking for, know where to look, and then commit to the exploration! Now, instead of anxiety and dread which didn´t help me move forward, I approach dating and new relationship with excitement and confidence, . Thank you Miia"

- Liz, Casting Director, 41 -




Miia helped me open my mind and see a new perspective on dating. It has been fun exploring new partners and be more experimental with types, sex and relationships, Thank you!”

- Anne, Entrepreneur, 40 -




I felt lost as I had gone through a divorce only a year ago - I was lost with low self esteem, low self confidence, I did not know how to start neither from where to start.

Working with Miia gave me a structure for clearer thinking, it gave me tangible elements to hang on to, a new approach on life situations, a wider perspective on seeing things, at times also wilder way to see things!

Now I feel much stronger inside. It’s like I've found my inner values,

I feel positive and I know what to do when I have doubts. I am ready for anything life will throw my way.


Thank you Miia.

- Vanessa, Marketing Specialist, 50 - 


I'd been stuck in rut for a while. Complaining that meeting men was hard, that dating apps weren't for me, longing for love, connection and male energy in my life, but lacking the energy and the clarity to do something about it. I loved Miia's 'love yourself first approach'. I knew this was the first step on the path to loving another.

Miia gently and respectfully lead me to acknowledge attitudes that weren't seving me and how subtle adjustments in my perspective could produce powerful changes in my experience. Miia positively encouraged me to concentrate on myself and my feelings around men to understand how I was creating unsatisfying dynamics. It was great to have someone to talk to on a regular basis, to ask me challenging questions and orient me on a relaxed, authentic path of self awareness.

Now, I'm dating two lovely men. Something I never would have considered doing before, but this is what has evolved and I'm very happy. I feel beautiful, open and bright. I've taken responsibility for bringing joy into my own life and for generously sharing that with others. Thanks Miia!

Sheryn, Coach & Mentor - 41



Having seperated from my wife, I found myself in a directionless rut and self destructive downward spiral. I decided to get in touch with Miia to help me find a new partner. Miia didn't help find me a new partner. Miia saved me from myself. Mentally I was spiralling out of control, a combination of ruined confidence and damaged ego ensured my perspectives and objectives were skewwed beyond recognition. I was on the verge of spending a fortune on superfluous items, sports cars, hair transplants, you name it, the rest of the time I was bordering on deep depression.


Miia instinctivley knew how to help. At times, her prompt, reliable phone call and breath of cheerful positivity was the only beacon of light in my life. Miia was an adaptable, compassionate and positive mentor, coach and guide. She helped me intrinsically understand that true self worth, confidence, and happiness must come from within each of us, that relationships should compliment and not be the answer to our lives. Miia provided some exceptional reading material, and understands lifes problems and issues on a practical, emotional and philosophical level. I was comfortable talking with Miia about anything, and each answer or question she raised was thoughtful and deeply considered. Throughout the sessions, Miia helped me to understand that before I am ready to find a new partner I must find myself first, that once I have gained confidence, self worth and happiness, I will be in a much better place to find a partner who is right for me.


Miia helped me put the breaks on a self destructive downward spiral and somehow managed to connect with my rational inner self, who to everyone else including myself was lost. I not only credit Miia with saving me from myself, but being the most influential person I have ever met in my life. Thank you Miia. 



Oliver - Army Officer, 41


I felt stuck in my dating life before the sessions. I had the impression that no matter what I was doing I was always ending up back at square one. I was feeling frustrated at modern dating and looking for some help to break the cycle. A friend of mine recommended Miia and we were put in touch. After our initial phone conversation, I thought that working with you would provide me with a "fresh set of eyes" on my dating life as well as some feedback on my efforts. 

 I thought the sessions were very helpful in focussing my mind on my own thought and action patterns. The sessions helped me to realise that I was very often acting on assumptions and expectations rather than what was actually happening. We also worked on self confidence, self assurance and accepting myself as I am when dating (rather than trying to change myself). This made the dates themselves much more enjoyable and less stressful. 

While we were working together I met someone and we are now going out so that has been a great outcome. While I am still working on self-acceptance, I am more aware of my thought patterns and question my assumptions more often. 

Miia is very kind and compassionate and I enjoyed the sessions we had together. I am grateful for this experience and the nudges you were able to give me that helped me change some of my actions / reactions in dating.

Anna - Lawyer, 29


When I first spoke to Miia on the phone I connected straight away with her. It was a very very warming voice and direct & honest approach which made me open up and resulting in me being honest with her from the beginning with my issues.

I didn`t realise how much my values and beliefs were holding me back to be myself in a relationship until I started to unveil with Miia.

I discovered that my culture and other external factors were playing a big part in my relationship. Through Miia I learnt the importance of the relationship with ourselves.

Also with Miia`s excellent and spot on questions it was brought to my attention theattachment theory, which I was aware of it but never thought that it would have direct effect on the relationship.

It was like a lightbulb moment and I took it from there as I knew what was going on wrong in my relationship. I had only 3 session with Miia but I discovered so much about myself and relationship

and I owe that to her.

- Lindita, Executive Coach -


I was not goal orientated and didn't spend time in reflection on what I wanted to do next. I knew I wanted to meet someone, I was being active, however lack of confidence held me back and poor choices. This hindered me.

I was able to set goals with Miia on a week to week basis and she tracked my progress each week by listening to my updates - progress and supporting me to realize and set my own goals. 

Now, as a result, I am able to make better decisions, reflect more before I react, I am a much much more confident person now when going on dates and even meeting people. I am able to choose more wisely on who I invest my time in.  I have learned to love myself and be grateful for what I do have thanks to Miaa.

Miia will refer you to interesting material and studies on confidence, love styles and other interesting materials that will help you go deeper into learning about yourself and your journey in whatever kinds of life goals you hope to achieve.

Shama - Head of Department at School, 40


I had given up on finding a partner, was very disillusioned with dating culture and wondering if I would ever understand the mindset, actions or language of men. I had really reached a point of seeing the opposite sex as a different breed 

Miia is a great person to talk to, she’s not judgemental and simply posed the questions of trying other responses to situations and accepting different ways how people approach dating. She used the word ‘acceptance’ on several occasions, that really resonated with me and gave me some tools for adjusting my expectations of dating behavior and some nice philosophies on relationships and acceptance of self. 

As a result I have tried progressing with potential partners who I may not have otherwise considered. I’m also a lot calmer about the process of meeting someone and looking for stronger qualities in a partner than merely the superficial or instant chemistry. I also find it easier to choose better and dismiss someone, whose behaviour doesn’t work for me and to trust my own true feelings about the situation.

Sachca  - PR Consultant, 49


I was struggling with feelings of low self-worth after a divorce and realised that the confident person that was emerging to others and looked like they were thriving was not reflected on the inside.

Over the sessions that we had and through a series of reflective questions, I was able to piece back together my core values and to drill down to aspects of my life that bring me real joy and happiness. I explored self-love and how without this we are unable to fully love or feel loved by another. Through the work I was able to clarify my understanding of the commitment of marriage, or indeed any relationship, and that it should support and nurture both parties to evolve into the best version of themselves. I understood how much of myself I had self-compromised and been expected to compromise in my marriage which actually served neither of us.

I feel my connections with my friends more deeply and genuinely feel their love for me and mine for them. My journey of self-development is ongoing but the groundwork in self-love enabled by Miia has been invaluable in allowing me to move forward.

Emily - Teacher, 45




Miia is an incredibly professional coach.

I was new to online dating and set out to find a new relationship with a special someone. Miia helped me to clarify how I could achieve this and to recognise my strengths and further my belief in myself. When you have been out of this world for a long time, having such an amazing coach help me find my feet, enabled me to hit the ground running and to gain confidence in asking for and getting a date.

She helped me to recognise the value of honesty in setting the tone for a relationship to blossom, and this did in fact enable me to have some very positive dating experiences.

James - Entrepreneur, 45



The coaching sesssions with Miia, really revealed to me how complex  relationships can be due to our own personal experiences in life , shaping the way we can approach and hinder our potential in relationships…


The coaching sessions gave me a refreshing perspective of  how love  and friendship  can be , with romantic partners…

I gained more insight of how my values and desires were in conflict with one another. An awaken of how much of  other people beliefs and opinions I was carrying, that ewas keeping me stuck or walking around in  circles..

Ive definetly realised how much of a receptive person I am and therefore the level of boundaries as well as really honouring my feelings and wants. Should the potential person not respect what it is I feel or align with what it is I want and see as a must , it is then importat to stand firm with that and trust in myself , that my decesions matter and hold value , and that I do not need validation from .


Overalli feel like ive shedded a layer of doubt and understand that there isn't a 1 cut clear path to a perfect relationship nor rules or regulations to follow to achieve it.

Thanks Miia!

Camz - Entrepreneur, 29




I found Miia to be immensely insightful and an extremely professional dating coach.  She used incisive questioning to cut through my self-doubt and the preconceived ideas which had been limiting me in many ways. By encouraging goals which pushed my comfort zone between sessions , Miia ensured I stayed accountable and celebrated with me when I took small steps which led to big and exciting opportunities in areas of my life which extended beyond dating.

Miia’s skilled coaching meant I was able to shift my attitude and recognise the value of developing a wider social circle and meeting the sort of people I might potentially like to date rather than limiting my options by only connecting with individuals.  This was a revelation and has changed the way I look at dating and life in general.

Miia is an excellent and inspiring dating coach.


Suzanne - Lifestyle Expert, 47


When I first started working with Miia I was pretty adamant that I wanted a certain type of woman and there was no swaying me on that! With her firm yet friendly approach and some encouraging I learned to get a bit more open about a ‘type’ and here I am now, 5 months in with an amazing lady I met through Miia, Thanks!  

Mark - Investment Banker, 42


I found Miia’s coaching incredibly helpful with enabling me to take the next steps with dating. The key aspect for me was spending time figuring out what type of relationship I want and with whom. Working with Miia gave me the confidence to move forward and begin to have a different and much more positive approach to dating. Miia’s style of coaching is superb, I felt at ease, listened to, all in an open and trustful space. We did a session on my limiting beliefs with truly helped me get to the bottom of some unhelpful chattering in my mind that has definitely got in the way of me beginning to date again.  

I love the coaching concept that Miia is pursuing and I cannot wait to see where this leads to as I feel there is a huge need for coaches like Miia. 

Clare - Life Coach, 39


It's been a pleasure to work with Miia. I had contacted her in order to work on “how to create a good relationship”. I had 6 sessions with her and have found her to be inspirational, practical and always working for my best intrest. She is good at making you think deeper about what you really want in the various area of your life. The best part for me it was her skills of asking open questions, digging deeply into the issue. Her listening skills are excellent and  it allowed me to create a good rapport and helped me open up.After each session the action plan we created helped me stay focused and on the track and perform all the tasks. 
Thanks Miia for the time and effort you put into our sessions. 

Asia - Property Consultant, 43


I really enjoyed my sessions with Miia and found her to be extremely effective in supporting me with the subjects we discussed. Always highly professional she listened very well, able to respond to the subject close to my heart helping me to find solutions and strategies, and offering advice when asked. I really liked her nature – so easy to talk to and immensely reassuring about things that were worrying me. I just felt she ‘got it’ and has given me tools in which to move forward. I could not recommend her more highly! 

Charlotte - Teacher, 39


I have been very impressed by Miia  for the following reasons. Miia exudes warmth and sensitivity. She has empathy and good listening skills which makes her a very good coach. She can help her client to refocus by asking some appropriate questions. Above all she builds trust and rapport. I wish her every success.  

Anita - Artist, 65


I went to see Miia thinking I need to meet someone soon or I’ll just stop dating altogether! I was really disheartened by the lack of decent men out there. When I started working with Miia I soon realised it wasn’t so much about ‘no decent men out there’ but that that was my mindset..! I’ve worked with her for 3 months now and now attracting really interesting men in my life and am exploring things with couple of them… Thank you for showing me a better way to relate to dating Miia.

Sophie - Management Consultant, 33